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Too, to and two - Mumbai.

Fill in the gaps.

I have never been - Mumbai, it is one of - cities I would like - visit in India, the other being New Delhi. Someone told me not - visit Mumbai in the summer as it is - hot, and that winter is regarded as the appropriate time - visit Mumbai.

a. to, two, to, too, to, to

b. to, to, two, too, to, to

c. to, two, to, to, too, to

d. to, to, to, to, two, too

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There is often confusion over the words too and to. Both words have two uses:

Too has two uses:

Too means as well or also.

I can do it too.

Did you think that too?

Too portrays the idea of in excess or more than it should be.

This cat is too chubby.

The shoes were too expensive.

I’m glad to hear you smoke. A man should always have an occupation of some kind. There are far too many idle men in London as it is.

To has two uses:

To is used in expressions like to walk, to run, to paint, etc. (These are all verbs in their infinitive forms.)

I want to run around the planet.

Did you tell her what to think?

To is used in expressions like to the park, to the postman, agree to a proposal. (The word to in these examples is a preposition.)

She handed the parcel to the stranger.

I am going to the park.

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